My First Thoughts on Florida

While first impressions can dictate a lot about an experience, I don’t stand by that idea. Impressions change all the time. Just like the waves of the ocean  🙂

As if graduating college isn’t the scariest thing in the world, perhaps uprooting yourself (from the only state you’ve ever loved with your entire soul!!!) IS.

But, maybe not.

This weekend my mom and I traveled to FL where I will spend January through September at my internship (Dietetic Internship, which I will from here-on-out abbreviate as DI). Our goal was to find me an apartment…kind of a big goal for only a few days! The cost could have easily been $1300/month ($900 for a 1/1 BR/BA, $200 utilties, $200 to rent furniture, etc). Not to mention the price of loneliness…

Ok, fine, that was a joke. True statement: only children can entertain themselves at all times. I am an example of this. Notice how I didn’t say “we wait patiently.”  😉

BUT BUT BUT…WE GOT ONE! So now, I will live practically next door to my DI in a beautiful, safe neighborhood with a raw food chef. How cool is that?

Conveniently, her current roommate is moving out in December. Do I need to even say “this is such a God thing?”

Next, I need to find a good church (with a fantastic singles program) and a gym. Tomorrow I will meet my DI internship director. Exciting! After my phone interview, they told me that I have a “light-hearted sense of humor,” which I will take as a compliment, thanks.

My first impressions of FL:

There are few access roads. So if you mess up a turn, you gotta drive five miles on the freeway before you can make a U-turn. This is oodles of fun w/ the GPS…”Please make. A. Legal. U-turn. When you can.”

– There is less fried food. I.e., few KFC and no Bush’s Chicken. I completely support this decision. Go Gators.

– Florida is a swing state, thus, my vote actually counts (instead of just washed down the sink in TX)

FL is SO pretty! I just can’t get over it. No trash on the freeways

– If palm trees ever go extinct, I think they would still survive in FL. They are EV-ERY-WHERE

Some highlights from the trip:

We named my GPS. Her name is Sandy. Her last name? Beaches.

Our plane from Houston had to be ICED DOWN before we could leave. This probably occurs once every century. Only, the last time it happened, planes probably hadn’t been developed yet.

– Pictures to come soon, promise.

Is it weird that I miss eating home-cooked meals? We have been dining in restaurants for the past few days, but I miss just having an apple and yogurt or something simple, like acorn squash and cranberries.

From Sunnyville with love,



One thought on “My First Thoughts on Florida

  1. After reading your first two blogs, I can safely say that my request of you to start a blog was RIGHT ON!! Just as I hoped – funny, informative, and all you. Keep it up!

    Very excited about your new internship and AMEN about your apartment – that’s a swell deal!

    Glad you are having fun – you are going to be a hit there, no question.

    Loyally, Tiff

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