How Strangers Influence Us

Maybe I am only speaking for myself here, but strangers have a huge influence on me. Whether they have little quirks that annoy me or they are super nice and funny (like most Starbucks employees), certain people really stand out in my mind.

That said, here are some examples during my FL trip so you can better understand my point:

  1. The guy standing next to my mom staring at her purse in St. Augustine, FL. I was on the prowl for creepers (aren’t we all more aware on vacay?) and he was staring at her purse. STARING. Then mom walks away and this kid runs up to the guy and he stops staring. Guess his brain was farting?
  2. Another guy on the airplane sitting across from my had: serious jaw chattering,voluntary saliva gland sucking, and a limp. I could hear his jaw chattering every 3-5 seconds while we waited an hour for the plane to take off. If that’s not memorable, I’m not sure what is.

Now, maybe influence is a strong word. But strangers do make an experience more of a, well, experience. Or, perhaps I am into the now that I focus on details too much.

Whatever it may be, I will always remember this apartment hunting trip to FL. It was fun, exciting, and I learned a lot about the area in which I’ll be living.

Plus, I’ll always remember that chattering jaw.

Funny situation of the day:

Mom: “Christine, are you enjoying your whole grain shampoo?” (In reference to the “Quinoa shampoo” from the hotel).

Me: “Oh, yes, it makes my hair much more regular. Less constipated.”


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