The Christmas "Spirit," defined

It’s been really difficult for me to get into “the Christmas spirit” this year. Normally, I don’t start listening to the music until after Thanksgiving and I don’t purchase gifts until December comes. Maybe those 2 items are a must for some of us to get into “the spirit.”

Christmas tree in FL from this weekend

But I’d like to think that the holiday is about more than purchasing gifts, getting stressed out, eating too much food, and plotting how to skip out on your relatives early (oh, wait, me? No, no I don’t do that). But what is this “spirit” that ABC Family talks about? Is it a feeling? A series of television shows? A group of people, like family and friends? Or is it a huge hole in your wallet gobbled up by big companies?

You probably knew that I don’t stand for the stuffed bellies part, no secret there, so I’m gonna go for it here…

What does Christmas mean to me? Christmas is about the coming of Christ.

Woah. Wait. Hold up. Are you sure?

Well, YES. What could be the more obvious answer? Well, first off, it’s in the name. I’ll pull a Spanglish word on ya and say “Christmas” broken down is “mas Christ” (or “more Christ” for the few-and-far between non-Spanglish speakers out there). Shouldn’t we be concentrating on the birth of the Lord, the gift of life eternal and forgiveness of sins, instead of mass commercialism and stuffed bellies?

Secondly, well, fine, I don’t have a secondly. But the season is about Jesus, not getting the relatives to buy more stuff. I know that I, personally, do not need any more stuff (though Mom is trying to force me into a leather jacket, which she knows I will not go there  because of my animals rights’ beliefs!).

I saw on PBS the Rick Steves’ European Christmas special where they feature 4 countries and show how they celebrate Christmas. In a little village in Switzerland (can’t remember if that was the exact country), they don’t celebrate like Americans celebrate. It’s much more traditional and reminiscent of the original birth. Isn’t that refreshing?

What if we did that instead? What if we didn’t get presents? What if we all just discovered that the “presents” that we were missing was the presence of Jesus Christ in our hearts?

Book I am currently reading

Something to ponder.


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