The Best Thing About Falling Off the Horse…

Occassionally, I’ll have an “eating slip” and it throws me way off. Aka, too many calories, not letting my body tell me when to stop eating, etc. It makes my mind feels all helter-skelter. (Do people even use that term anymore?) First thing I do when this happens is to analyze why this happened, what were the circumstances, and the results of the situation (what I learned from it).

WHY: I was traveling this past weekend to FL and we didn’t really eat regular meals/snacks, (though I did choose healthy options at the restaurants). It really messed me up not being at home and preparing my own meal. Who knew that such a small thing as preparing my own meals could make me feel off key for a few days.

RESULT: Turns out, meals are kind of a big deal. So is eating. And eating right keeps your body and mind feeling good. Think Maslow’s hierarchy, what’s at the base of the pyramid to satisfybasic human needs? Physiological things: sleeping, eating, breathing, etc.

So, really, your meals ARE a big deal. This makes sense as to why I have felt really off yesterday and today.

So, back to the title of the postCan you finish that phrase? Hint: Think optimism…

Belly flopping off the horse

The best thing about falling off the horse…Is getting back up again. My slip-up today can be viewed as a mess up, a time to beat myself up on the treadmill tomorrow to compensate for too many calories, a time to really pound on my body and my emotions…OR it can be an opportunity to analyze what happened, how I slipped, and how I can pick myself up and how I can try again tomorrow. It’s a time of reflection, of breathing in and out, of thanking the Lord for a safe/fun trip, and reflecting on the week ahead of me with my last undergraduate finals.

One of the worst things you can do is to tell yourself  “I’ll start dieting tomorrow” OR “I can cheat today, but tomorrow will be different” and then watch yourself make excuses and NOT DO IT. Or time gets away from you. Or an office party ruins your plans for eating clean. Or you’d rather watch Oprah than go outside and walk.

Want to change? Take proactive movements/thoughts toward that goal. I fell off, but tomorrow I’m gettin’ back up, and ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me.

Baby steps…

One day at a time.

Breathe in, breathe out.


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