Friends in all the right places

"Oh, dear"

Isn’t it funny how people just show up in our lives right when we need them? I have several close friends and I can’t explain how we started to become friends, but they barged into my life at exactly the right time. A good kind of barging, mind you.

A few days ago I was feeling kind of blue, one of those Eeyore days. Then, a day later, one of my really good friends,Tessa called me and we talked for an hour and 40 minutes. Not that I judge a conversation’s quality by it’s length, but that’s a long time for either of us to chat! We hadn’t talked in so long and it was wonderful to hear her voice, it lifted my spirits to where I forgot what I was sad about in the first place.

So my question (to myself, mostly) is how did we meet? Did I hit her with a bike on campus and that started a wonderful friendship? Uh, no. Absolutely not. Though I did get hit with a bike once this year (and I’d rather not repeat that), we met because we are sorority sisters. It needs to be said that it is much easier to make friends when you are forced into the same room with someone (granted, the door wasn’t locked, so she could’ve left if she wanted!).

But how do you get from that “Hi, how are you?” stranger stage to “Hey, how was your test yesterday and how was your mom’s vacation?” personal/close friend level?

It all starts with putting yourself out there. Out there. Referring to more of a get-out-of-the-house there than an outer-space, they-are-watching-us there. This also involves being open and social, but not being weirdly open and social. Two completely different things. Gotta watch the weird-isms. (Note to self: no LOST references when meeting strangers.)

So why am I writing about this? Just sayin’ that whenever I move somewhere, completely relocate and catapult myself into a new life on another side of the country, I gotta start over. Make new acquaintances and lifelong friends. Not that the old friendships are erased (hopefully they are fortified!), but the putting-yourself-out-there process begins again. And for the only child/introvert in me, that can be hard.

But for that extroverted self (don’t we all have at least 2 personalities?), it’s as easy as joining a gym, a running club, or a singles group at church that believes in the same things I believe.

Suffice it to say...I’ll be fine 🙂


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