These are a few of my fav-orite things

Ok, not that I support materialism in the finest sense, but here are some products that I really enjoy using. They inspire me and keep my going…hopefully they can stir your soul too.

Lift Your Soul: “Looking for something inspiring and unique for yourself, a friend or a loved one?” Jewelry for athletes, tris, and strong women. Who knew that jewelry

could be so inspirational? I purchased the “Strength” ring to represent college, hardships, life in general, how I got to where I am today. They have necklaces, jewelry, charms, you name it.

I get so many "what the!?!" looks, it's great!

Vibram: Recently dubbed “the guy magnet” by yours truly. Honestly, I had 3 guys at Starbucks ask me about them. Ha! But that’s not the only reason to wear these awesome shoes. They are SO comfortable and functional. You can wear them for water activities, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, and even running. They make different variations for each sport, but these are the basic ones that I own. Vibram now makes purple ones for women, if your toes desire a more feminine edge while you are in half moon pose.

The Girl Effect: I saw this on Oprah, believe it or not. It’s about the impact that one girl can have on an

entirecommunity in Africa. This is the best thing you’ll watch all day, I promise.


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