My childhood described in video games

Recently forced into de-cluttering my dense rainforest of a closet, I stumbled on some old things from my pre-teen and teenager years. Think emo-scribbled journals and poems, multiple “Christine” stickers, and disposable camera-pictures from middle school (remember when you brought a disposable camera to everything?).

Here is a little tribute to some PC games that were “pretty sweet” for their time and rocked my pre-teen mind.

1. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Dad and I spent hours playing this game. I had no intention of learning geography, but I did understand catching a notorious villain with a history of clever play-on-words. The day we beat it, we took a picture. Right next to the computer with that huge monitor, today known as a well-endowed “booty.”

2. Titanic

I was obsessed with Titanic in elementary school. No idea why, but it was just a really cool at the time. Before the movie came out, yes. A fun adventure game, minus the fact that it was akin to playing with 3-D dead people. That fact grossed me out and I never finished it.

3. Dark Forces

Let’s face it: Star Wars is cool. When I say “Star Wars,” most think I am referring to the newer Star Wars. But honestly, you cannot compete with the classy ’70s/’80s graphics. And the monster that lives in the garbage compression in “ANew Hope”…that creeped me out.

4. Sim City and Sim Tower

Has anyone not heard of these games? Sim City is still around (on the 4th version now) and Sim Tower is out there too, with better graphics and more options than ever. Not to mention that Sim City introduced the world into The Sims, which is the best-selling video game of all time. Yes, it even beats Halo and World of Warcraft.

5. Oregon Trail II

Let me repeat: did anyone not play this game in elementary school? It was always fun to see your best friend die of dysentery or something else really gross. Or to see if your oxen could actually ford the river. The second version of OT was way more complicated…think purchasing little nit-picky medicines and vegetables…seriously, who wants to do that? I just wanna get on the trail!

6. Myst

These graphics were top of the class for their time. I was too young to actually understand the plot, but I did understand how to purchase a walkthrough book and beat a game. Booya. Not that it’s a competition.

Alright, that’s it! Hopefully you won’t de-friend me for taking this journey down Nerdville Lane. Hey, whatdoya expect an only child to do with her free time? Sheesh.

What were your favorite (video) games as a child?


One thought on “My childhood described in video games

  1. Uh…I’m lovin’ this post! I used to have nightmares about Carmen San Diego (she would chase me down)…and Oregon Trail was one of my favorite games!

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