Update: Graduation

Caution: this is a personal update. Has nothing to do with nutrition, friendships, or outdated video games. Sorry if that disappoints!

This past week was kinda crazy. I went to the doctor three times to get a physical, TB and tetanus shots. Why 3 times? Forgot each time to ask for the shot and for the right form. And to think I somehow graduated from college, yet I forget silly things like that!

Oh, graduation, right. Almost forgot! Graduated yesterday, did not trip on the stage, and maintained the appearance of a relatively normal family to outsiders. What a multi-tasker. No, but seriously, it was fun, we all had a

The nutrition majors

great time. My best friend, Jenn, came up with us and endured me and my family for the 36 hour trip. I just hope we are still friends after this  😉

Last week I also went to the neurologist to get my left hand checked out. Background info: I started vegetarianism full time in September and in October I felt tingling sensations in my left hand, specifically my forefinger and thumb. It’s not painful, just annoying. I’ve been taking a B12 supplement (B12 is only found in animal products) and that helped a lot. But I made an appointment at the neurologist before my mom’s medical insurance drops me (no longer a full-time student!) and it was helpful to rule out carpal tunnel. The nerve tests were kinda cool because it made this tingling sensation shoot down my arm, but the “cool factor” quickly dropped when they started pricking my nerves. Just glad that it’s over!

And today we went shopping for business clothes for internship. How exciting! I am not a natural born shopper (somehow that gene skipped a generation), so Mom usually has to drag me by my fingernails to the mall. Today I “sucked it up” (I don’t expect pity!) and we bought 5 pairs of shoes, 4 white shirts (yay food service rotation!), and a black purse. I did not let her buy me a leather tote bag…I killed enough animals for one day with my leather shoes alone.

Which brings me to my next post about vegetarianism and what it means as a consumer…stay tooned.


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