Ode to Bones

When studying for finals, things just “come up, meaning that anything is better than studying (but stay in school kids, study hard!).

So here is a poem that I wrote about bones. You can call me nerdy. I prefer “nutritionally nerdy,” but you be the judge. Now, please note I’m no master poet-er, so it doesn’t all rhyme and the cadences don’t make complete sense. I am ok with my imperfections though  l-)

These bones support my mass

But there is so much more they won’t tell

Like when I was an athlete in high school

and they took the daily drills

Or the time you went skiing in the snow

They never spoke up

that you had stopped to grow

Or the time you drove to Colorado

They never complained

about lack of movement, stiffness, and eating weird unknowns

Yes, if only these bones could talk

Of building up and breaking down

Constantly in a cycle

No matter what nutrients you give

They give right back to you

Keep you alive and moving

But don’t take advtange!

One day, they might disappoint you

Hopefully, when you are old and help is near

but it could be one day sooner

if you don’t take this “nutrition thing” seriously


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