New Beginnings

Wow, what a heavy title for a humble blogger like myself.

But really, I like starting anew. I like the new year. A new school semester. A new book.

The start of the race has so much potential, who knows what time you will get if you don't try?

It’s like that event, thing, or time has the potential for so many wonderful things to happen. For so much positive change. It’s almost like anything can happen. If it actually snowed in Central TX (though it has twice this winter so far, weirdly enough), then I could compare new beginnings to a blanket of freshly fallen snow, pure and innocent in it’s initial beginnings.

I also like purchasing a new calendar, a new 2010 monthly/daily planner (Note: I don’t do the hourly one, ew gross. How fast can you say micromanager?) It’s a blank slate. Then you start filling in birthdays, events, wedding dates (!), and it gives you so much to look forward to.

Optimism forms the foundation of my being. Can you tell?


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