Snot and Prayers

(This isn’t sacrilege, it’s a mere comparison.)

I have had a head cold this entire week, which is very strange considering I rarely get sick. Blame it on the all the physical exercise and healthy eating or the genes, but less than twice a year is my quota. “Clearing out my nasal passages” is a euphemism for snotting out all the gunk that accumulated in my nose from my head cold. It’s such a relief to get it out of my head (still, it’s disgusting).

But it got me thinking…clearing out my physical junk is very similar to prayer.

Prayer clears out all my mental junk: my anxiety, fears, questions, and doubt. Dumping my thoughts on God and just leaving it up to Him is such a relief. Especially about the future. Not having to know, not having to plan for the future…is bliss.


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