Safe Arrival and Unpacking

Woo hoo! We made it!

Talking to Bre while driving near New Orleans and taking a picture. Really safe.

Dad decided to be a road warrior and we drove straight for 14 hours all day Tuesday. Minus the RR break every 120 miles or so. Hey, when a girls gotta go, she’s gotta go! Left at 8am Central time and arrived here 10:30pm Eastern time (lose an hour).

He drove the 1st and 3rd legs, while I drove the middle one. I was really proud of myself for driving 300 miles at once! Never done that before. This trip makes the 180 mile trip from Houston-Waco look like a walk around the block. Also makes the Houston-Big Bend National Park roadtrip look like a…what shall I compare it to…a half marathon. So, it’s do-able, just not preferable. And your joints hate you afterward. In a roadtrip or in a marathon. Ok done with metaphors now. Thanks.

We bunked down in a hotel for the night, took it easy the next morning, and then moved my stuff into my room, my domicile until September. My roommate, Christy, is super sweet and a lot of fun, really young at heart. Did I mention she’s a raw food chef? I can learn a lot!

I told Dad to peace out for 4 hours or so while I put things away. It was very overwhelming to have a car load full of stuff sitting in my new room, just waiting to be put away. Usually, Mom is there cutting shelf paper and organizing, which cuts down the duration of the chore by at least half. I had some good ‘tunes on, so I was fine and it eventually got done.

Christy made me a raw food smoothie for lunch. It was really good, but I can’t say it was satisfying by any means. There’s just something about the *crunch* of whole food that gets me goin. Needless to say, I will never be a raw foodie. Vegetarian, yes. Utterly raw? No.

While I was having the time of my life organizing (sarcasm..and…go!), Dad went to the beach. Lucky dog. There were some people from Canada (or Antarctica?) in bikinis suntanning in the 35-40 degree weather. And here I am in my marshmellow-puffy jacket, wishing my body would just heat itself already. Wuss.

Later on, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some organizing stuff and some beachy decorating accessories. I feel like everyone in Florida has some sort of beach paraphernalia simply because they live in Florida. Makes perfect sense. Just like all Texans have a replica of the Alamo in our living rooms. Right.

I think it’ll all finally hit me once I drop my parents off at the airport. It was like that my first year in college. See ya later, kiddo. We’ll see ya when we see ya.

But I have several scheduled visitors coming up in the next 9 months. Love me some friends!

Up next on the list: find a church with a fantastic “young adult” program. Must move out of the “college age” classification. Oh life, you are too fast!


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