Losing Fitness Focus

There are some mornings where I can’t roll out of bed and workout. I just, can’t. No mantra could get my arse movin’.

I know that I still want to workout, just not now. A symptom of Gen-Y, maybe? To postpone it? Or not do it at all?

Naw. I feel such an intense gratification when I lengthening my legs to run and move my muscles to lift weights, that I feel much better mentally and physically. Knowing that fact, I tell myself that I will do it in a few hours, instead of right after I wake up.

With that, I wrestle on my sports bra, which hugs my body tightly and serves as a reminder to get my arse movin’ to the gym. That physical pressure becomes a little stronger with every breath I take.

It speaks to me: “Hey, the sooner you go workout, the sooner you can get this lung suppressant off your chest.”

Ain’t nothin like a little physical reminder, ya?


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