Note to Self: Please Slow Down

Last night we at dinner we had amazing conversations about food (raw, organic, vegetarianism, etc), western medicine, and the importance of physical activity. Kinda weird to have these deep conversations (food ethics) while consuming a meal. Made you re-think about getting seconds on your soup ‘n salad.

Y’all know that my roommate is a raw food connoisseur (for health reasons, not ethics), something I know almost nothing about. I know it basically consists of eating a lot of pureed things, smoothies, salads, cold stuff, but that’s as far as my current state of knowledge reaches.

This morning I was making my oatmeal, as I have eaten oatmeal every morning for the last 8 years or so, and I realized “Oh my gosh, there’s no microwave.” Made sense with the raw food thing and all.

Let me restate that. NO. MICROWAVE.

I ’bout had a freak out moment. How would I cook the frozen vegetables I just bought? How would I make popcorn? More importantly, how would I prepare my oatmeal!?! Forget about the definitions of cook, make, and prepare, since they completely dissolve when we talk about microwaving or making mashed potatoes from a bag of dehydrated potato flakes and milk. And completely disregard what the microwave has done for nutrition and the American waistline. But I use it all the time to reheat, heat, deheat food. Alas, I digress.

What’s a proactive female to do? I hastily read the directions on how to cook oatmeal on the stove. Laugh at me, fine, but I never needed to prep oatmeal on the stove before. Why do it the slow way when you can do it the fast way, right? It actually turned out perfectly and I was happy. Well, still am happy.

I started thinking about how the lack of microwave might actually be a good thing, it would help me slow down, not be a rush, enjoy life more. I felt enlightened, empowered, and I enjoyed it.

I continued “slaving away over the hot stove” for my oatmeal (like it’s soooo hardl). I poured my oatmeal into my bowl when I saw it. The microwave. Above the stove. And I felt like a nincompoop on a stick. Dummy.

Lesson: slow down, you’ll see things much clearer. The fast way is not necessarily the best way. Life lesson.  🙂


One thought on “Note to Self: Please Slow Down

  1. While I’m glad you found the microwave, and there are certainly good reasons to use it (reheating food quickly is the best reason in my mind…) – I think you should pretend like you didn’t see it!

    We are such an appliance heavy society, but in reality, if we have a few pots and pans, a stove, and an oven, we can basically cook anything and it doesn’t really take that much longer – in fact, sometimes the little bit of extra time it takes can be used to improve the flavor by adding spices and other elements that you wouldn’t normally “add” when you are microwaving something (i.e. you don’t take it out, taste it, spice it and then put it back in the micro).

    While you can’t use the stove to make smoothies or salad dressing (so I’ll grant you a blender and a food processor), you can use it for so much – from oatmeal (as you’ve discovered) to rice (I don’t have space for a rice cooker, so I just make it in a pot on my stove) to popcorn (fresh popcorn on the stove will blow your mind – I haven’t eaten microwave popcorn in about 4 years).

    Now that you are a college grad, my encouragement is to get a good new cookbook as a treat for yourself and experiment with a bunch of new vegetarian recipes that you can learn to enjoy microwave free!

    (Wow, this comment sounds really preachy, but I didn’t mean it that way! I’m just a stove fan, and not so much a microwave fan)


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