Change and Uncertainty

Change has always been a struggle for me. I always cry when I leave my hometown after an extended stay. Maybe it’s because I am an only child who loves her parents dearly. Or maybe it’s because I have wonderful friends from home. Or maybe it’s because I am just human.

I am a creature of habit. Some examples, in case you didn’t already believe me:

  1. I eat oatmeal almost every morning, for the past 6 years.
  2. I had a Coke (after 2004 a Coke Zero) after lunch, everyday, for 7 years
  3. I have gone to the same hairstylist since I was 3
  4. I always call old friends when walking my dog

Some habits are good (see #1 and #4) and others are not so good (see #2 and, sometimes, #3). I eventually “broke” the Coke habit (that phrase soo doesn’t sound illegal) and will soon part ways with my hairstylist (900+ mile distance makes a difference when getting one’s haircut, bee-leave it).

Change is part of being a human. Change is what God gave us so we don’t get bored or antsy. Change helps us grow and self-improve everyday. Change helps us evolve (in the completely non-scientific sense). I am thankful that I had a wonderful childhood, adolescence (awkward, but good still), and college experience, but it’s time to continue on with life.

So, yeah, I’m nervous about starting the internship, but I’m also excited to start a new phase in life.

Onward ho!


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