Fitness Review: Wii Fit Plus

Here is my personal eval of Wii Fit Plus. If you already have a Wii Fit, this review will hopefully help you decide between purchasing the new one and keeping your old one.

WF = Wii Fit

WF+ = Wii Fit plus

1. Cost: WF+ is leaps and bounds more advanced than the original. Purchasing WF+ as a first time buyer you can get the balance board/game combo pack for $100 bucks. It’s surprising that the cost hasn’t come down (that’s what WF combo pack cost when it debuted).

2. Playlist: my favorite new feature. Take a move (any move, strength and/or yoga) and add a bunch of them to a “playlist.” This makes a physical fitness routine into a physical fitness routine! Before, you did each exercise individually and got your analysis after each exercise. While that’s great information (getting the balance numbers and your overall performance score) it took too much time. It slowed down the my momentum, causing me to complete less exercises and not spend much time with my WF. Although I love that you can personalize your playlist, you can’t save multiple playlist as you create them. Maybe for the next version (WF++?).

3. Quick weigh: no “Wii Fit Age” test necessary, only if you want to. I always found it highly depressing when my WF age was, like, 45 or something based on those balance tests. Easy to weigh yourself, easy to check your BMI. And the scale was pretty accurate (in comparison to my bathroom scale).

4. Individual calories burned: After the completion of each activity, WF+ tells you how many calories you burned. WF never told you how many cals you burned. While I was shocked that 90 seconds of plank only got me 8 calories, this feature shows you how much WORK it takes to burn off anything. Makes you appreciate a moderate-heavy cardio workout at the gym!

5. Fun mini games: these are a LOT of fun! My favorite is throwing snow balls at other people and then having to hide, avoiding their snowball. My reigning favorite of a game is still the soccerball heading, where you hit the soccer balls by shift your weight from left to right. A close second is the bump ‘n add game, where you do a hip thrust to the left, right, center or front to add the numbers together to total a certain number. You don’t even realize how many calories you are burning!

7. Pre-selected playlists: Simply tell WF+ how many minutes you have to give and WF+ will make you a workout playlist. You can choose whether you want the workout to consist of yoga, strength, or mixture of obth.

Overall review: if you are a “Gamer,” the Wii console (in general) is a completely new experience. It’s amazing how the balance board can pick up the slightest movement. That is to say, it’s not too sensitive, a good thing. The recent price drop in the Wii console helps.

Never used a console in your life? Game reviewers categorize you as a “Casual gamer.” You’ll be amazed by how cool this system is. WF+ is a great party activity and a great solo activity. It makes video games more interactive and more fun. Be aware that it takes a little coordination to do some of the more complicated games. For hardcore exercisers, WF+ will not make you drop into a flop sweat, unless you are doing Advanced Hula Hooping for extended periods of time.

But WF+ isn’t made for hardcore fitness enthusiasts, it’s made for the more casual gamers.

Bottom line: WF+ makes activity fun. You can get sweaty if you work at it, but just focusing on the fun aspect of the game is much more enjoyable than focusing on how well you can do a side plank.


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