History, Temporary Existance, and being Here

That really wasn’t meant to be a downer headliner, honestly!

Traveling to Savannah and seeing all the rich history of the last 300 years, all the things that occurred, made me realize how temporary our time is here on Earth. Wars, deaths, births, construction/demolition, and the founding of the Girl Scouts (ha!) all occurred in that city, yet few people are commemorated or remembered for what they did while they were there. There are lots of statues, parks, houses, and streets named after people, yeah, but what about all the people that weren’t named? What did they do while they were here?

When Dad met my new roommate for the first time, he told her that he was on vacation so he could “spend this time with me.” Not so he could spend time with me AND get me settled in. Just spend time with me. That felt really special, really warmed my heart. It also solidified the how-much-time-do-we-really-have-together concept in my mind.

Sometimes, as an only child, I think about what’s going to happen when my parents aren’t here anymore. I don’t have any siblings, so there won’t be anyone to rehash stories with once they are gone, no one to share wisdom with who knew exactly what my parents were like when they were alive. points to heart and mind. Then I tell myself to stop being so stinkin’ emo and just go listen to some MIKA to cheer me up.

The point: make the most of your time on Earth. Yeah, we are here for a short time, but what you do with your life is your choice alone. Of course I will be sad when my parents depart this world, but knowing that I will see them again in Heaven is such a comfort. Take your life into your own hands!

Are you sad? Cheer yourself up by going for a walk.

Tired? Call a friend and enjoy a conversation about nothing.

Lonely? Go to Starbucks, chat it up with the barista (they are always so friendly!) and hang out.

Stressed? Do a little deep breathing (think Darth Vader DEEP breaths) and stretch.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. And, even when it is, life is what you make of it   🙂


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