I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost

That’s not entirely accurate. According to the conversation with my Dad about the topic of ghosts and wayward souls…wait, WHAT?!? I didn’t even know you had conversations with your Dad like that, Christine. Yeah, well neither did I, Christine. But letme back up a little so this story makes sense.

I recently went on a trip with my parents to Savannah, Georgia before I started internship Monday. 2 days spent there, 2 hour drive from JAX, real easy to get there. It was a great time to go, in the low season, the cold kinda scares off the tourist that swamp Savannah April-November. We had a great hotel in the heart of the historic district and walked everywhere (mmm love me some walkin’). Savannah has 22 park-esque squares (the 22nd most recently added) and many statues commenmorating the war heroes that defended the city throughout the last 300 years or so. This equates to lots of historical homes, cute local restaurants and shops, and lots of hometown lore.

Savannah has a lot of rich history and with that, comes a lot of tragedy. Yellow fever, malaria, smallpox…you name it, it was there. We romanticize Jane Austen’s time period, but from a medical perspective, it sucked. Look at how many children mothers bore (not to mention the literal PAIN of childbirth) and how many actually survived. It was a miracle just to survive childhood, let alone childbirth. Surprisingly, if you survived to adulthood, you might actually live a long time. John Wesley was like 87 when he died, which is way beyond the life expectancy now (in the U.S., it’s 74.37 for males, 80.05 female, reference here). Or even all the battles that occured there. Revolutionary War, Civil War…all bloody and gory conflicts.

But I am major digressing. Back to my point about the supernatural conversation that I had with my father.

It was supernatural because, duh we were talking about ghosts, but also supernatural because I never have this deep of a conversation with my Dad, ever. The deepest we get is about what his interpretation of the sermon was (he ushers at church) and he rarely can explain the points of the sermon as is (but somehow he remembers the “preacher joke” for each one!). Bless his heart, but I just don’t have spiritual conversations with him.

So this was am important moment, right? He shares with me about the ghost hunters TV show (on Sci Fi channel or TLC, can’t remember) and how he believes in their existance.

Which got me wondering what I believe about ghosts. As I tried to articulate my thoughts, I realized that I don’t really have a grasp on it, that I can’t find the right words to make my major points and expand each complete thought. I was tongue tied on the topic (not to be confused with speechless, which rarely happens!).

They say that Savannah is “totally haunted.” Maybe it’s the feeling that tourists get because of all the horrible deaths that happened. Or maybe it’s because ghosts really do exist because of their brutal deaths and have unfinished business. Whatever it is, I can’t explain it. But what I can explain is that God takes care of it and life is how it’s supposed to be.

That’s a tough pill to digest and absorb, considering all the bad stuff that goes on in the world. But He does it, everyday, and sometimes, it’s good to be ok with that kind of pill. I like knowing that I don’t have to understanding everything. It’s comforting  🙂


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