1st Power Yoga Class

Think  vinyasa yoga, warm, 90 minutes. Now, think chanting (“ohmmmm”), zen encouragement talk, and sweat. Now you know how my first power yoga class went. Personally, I like me a good sweat, I think it’s great. Sweating like that is like living in Houston for the spring, summer, and fall (ha!).

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the yoga, it was just that the instructor was kinda strange. Like, zen-strange, our-hearts-are-interlaced-to-each-other’s strange. He gave us all these life mantras as they related to yoga. For example: “push your feet into the floor like you pushed your problems away from you when you came to class.”

Ok, that’s fine. A little weird, but otherwise fine.

Problem is that he kept going. Here are some other quotes that I remember, just off the top of my head:

“The furthest journey you will ever have to make is not a big move. It’s not ending a relationship or traveling to Morocco. It’s traveling in life from your mind and your heart.”

“Once you want to quit, once you want to leave, that’s when change happens. That’s when you can evolve.”

Wait, what? Maybe I am just too left-brained for this kind of thing.

My other complaint about the class is all the Darth Vader breathing. You know what it sounds like, no need for me to elaborate. I have no idea how people can physiologically exhale so deeply. I don’t know whether to be impressed (major lung capacity!) or weirded out.

‘Prolly both.


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