Life update: internship week 1

As one of my fellow interns put it, “All we have to do is get week 1 under our belts and we’ll be fine.”

So true!

Mandatory "first day of school" picture. Note the ID badge!

This week was orientation for everything. We met with all of our preceptors for clinical and food service rotations. Having weird hours this week (one day was 7:30AM start time, another was 9AM, leave between 2-4 pm, varies daily) helped transition us into our schedules, which are guaranteed to have obscure hours too. This week, we did some paperwork to get acclimated (liability, IRB reviews, going over the expectations, etc) and it’s been nice to slowly get used to this new phase of life.

It’s weird to me that only last week I was in Savannah and only the week before I was in Houston just hangin’ out, seeing friends, exercising, and blogging (of course!). I thought that this transition, this huge life change, would be a big deal and that I would be emotional or homesick or something. But that hasn’t happened! I feel completely at ease here, like it was an easy-major life change.

I have a schedule of what the next 2 months will be like and it’s going to be exciting, fun, helpful, and a little stressful. I am already brainstorming ideas on projects and meetings with people, just soaking it all in. I have a good attitude on the way in, knowing that I might get a little banged up on the way out, but that’s ok with me! I am just happy to be here and am enjoying this experience. As interns, part of our responsibility is to update a blog, documenting what we did in each rotation. If you’d like some info on that, perhaps I’ll post it at another time (have to get permission first). It will be pretty basic, not medically complicated descriptions for those non-med folks!

Saturday my roommate and I will go check out some local hotspots, hit up the gym (free pass!), and go to the Saturday farmers market. Sunday will be my morning to check out the church situation and related Bible studies/small groups.

Yay for a lovely weekend!


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