Travelin’ Girl: Savannah, Georgia

Not that I’ll be traveling a whole whole bunch while I am in FL, but I thought I might as well start a little series documenting when I do travel. It’s called Travelin’ Girl (perhaps I should change it to Travelin’ Young Woman? haha).

Some high points of Savannah:Owens Thomas House

1) Historical: a lot of human history has gone down in Savannah. Battles in the Civil War and Revolutionary War. Founding of the Girl Scouts. Paula Dean perpetuating the migration of foodies from around the nation (I am just happy that it gets them movin!).

2) Architectural: this goes with the first one. Since Savannah is so old, it has all this amazing architecture. Many buildings have “owl eyes” which are meant to ward off the spirits. It shows the spirits that the humans are looking at them just like they are looking at us. Creepy. Cue Twilight Zone music. Think historical homes with original wood floors from the early 1800s.

3) You won’t starve: there are so many places to eat in Savannah, you will not go hungry that’s for sure.

4) You won’t fall asleep: You walk everywhere in historic Savannah, which I enjoy. Gotta increase that NEAT somehow (non exercise activity thermogenesis). In addition, there are lots of local coffee shops, so you definitely don’t have to worry about falling asleep while standing up anymore. Thank goodness. Also, you probably can’t sleep at night because there’s some sort of ghost haunting your bedroom. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Shake it off and make sure to go to church the next day (there are several from which to choose).

5) See Forrest Gump’s park bench: self-explanatory.

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism

6) Look at cool statues. Like John Wesley.

That’s all I got. Until my next travels!


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