Church Journey

It’s no secret that I struggled to find a church home while I was at Baylor. There are hundreds (literally) of churches to choose from in Waco, yeah, but I never found mine. I tried my home church denomination, Methodism, in Waco and I felt like I didn’t mesh well with those churches. Whether they were too young or too old, too modern or too traditional, it just wasn’t me.  I went to Baptist churches and didn’t enjoy that either. I ended up just not going to church the latter part of my college years because I didn’t have a church home.

So now that I have this new post-graduate life 4 states away from Texas, I have started on the journey, once again, to find a church home. I went to a Methodist church (Beaches UMC) to try it out, but I am still not sure if my heart is in it. I am a traditional-church-service-kind-of-gal, not exactly where all the young people hang out. This means that I have to either a) sacrifice my preferred style of worship for interaction with young folks or b) sacrifice interaction with young folks to worship in a traditional service. Ay caramba!

Nevertheless, I went to the contemporary service this morning, hoping that I would have some God-like YOU BELONG HERE voice boom down from heaven. They have lots of cool small groups (Community Groups or LifeGroups for the Waco-readers), but I want to wait and see if I feel more comfortable there before I dive into personal relationships, ya know?

All this thinking made me realize that I need to be on God-time, not Christine-time, for that message (YOU BELONG HERE!) to be received by me. Christine-time involves extreme multi-tasking (pronounced EXtreme!), over-analyzing, filled with bursts of people watching and organizing. Lots of -ing going on, let me tell ya.

Until I get that answer, I’ll just sit here figuring out my Mac, no shame in that. Oh, and work on projects that are due in upcoming weeks  🙂


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