This Just In…

I am now the proud owner of a Mac laptop computer! Ah! So exciting!

Thanks, Steve!

Before you say “you would,” let me explain myself. I have been thinking about getting a new computer for severalmonths. My internet connection has been weird for a while now, plus I had a “tail” permanently attached to my computer (had hard drive issues for some weird reason, my solution was a permanent external hard drive. Don’t ask). It never really functioned as a laptop since the battery lasted a whole 3 minutes. I worried when I moved from my room to the living room if the battery would last long enough for the computer not to shut down.

Also Apple’s slogan of “wouldn’t it be great if you could spend time working while on the computer instead of working on the computer?” Good point. Graduation gifts didn’t exactly help that little technology itch I’d been having and neither did the fact that I get a computer discount through my internship. I did research, I saw the prices online, I made an appointment at the store, and the rest is history.

Even my wonderful banking company gave me a call to congratulate me on my new purchase. They asked me how my day had gone (great, thanks!) and even asked if my credit card had been stolen! So considerate! I’ll watch out for those $1,000+ purchases next time. And maybe I’ll make sure to tell them that I moved states too. Or maybe that I graduated college even? Get a thank-you note out there first thing…tomorrow.



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