C.S. Lewis: Screwtape Letters

This was a hard book to get through. As with Mere Christianity, Screwtape is not a read-for-a-few-hours-type book. No. Instead, I had to read a chapter, then take a little break, do some pondering (insert Zoolander quote) and then read a bit more.

One of the chapters talked about the subject of “spirituality” and how it can lead us astray away from Christ. This isn’t anything new, but it really caught me off guard. It got me thinking…is yoga a type of “spirituality” that could lead me astray?”

Between the “ohmms,” talks about inner peace, and discussions about focusing on the present, I could see how someone could be lead astray. Yoga is so peaceful and soothing, who wouldn’t want to experience that in their life? Yoga is so here, so now, so tangible. Whenever I leave a Yoga class or finish a DVD, I experience an inner peace that I only experience through Yoga.

But, wait. Shouldn’t we be experiencing that through prayer and church instead? Why is yoga the only way to get to that “inner peace” state?

Yeah, I believe that it has the potential to lead people away from Christianity and into a world of secular “spirituality.” But used properly, yoga can help you zero in on the present day and alleviate your problems. There are many studies with terminally ill and chronically ill patients who use meditation and yoga as a way to decrease their pain…and it actually works.

I found this website, called Holy Yoga. It unites Christianity with Yoga, allowing Christians to connect to Christ via the ancient practice of rhythmic body movements and pose-holding. Now that’s a union that I can stand for!


One thought on “C.S. Lewis: Screwtape Letters

  1. Good post, and I’m glad for the reference to holy yoga. I don’t do yoga – for spiritual reasons. Initially yoga was created as a way to help people worship Hindu gods and evangelize people into the Hindu practices. So I prefer Pilates, which provides similar results without the spiritual underpinnings.

    I do agree, however, that God wants to redeem all things – and that includes Yoga – so I’m glad that you have found a place (the link) where you can see how to better incorporate Christ into the yoga experience. You’re not asking, but I would suggest just praying before you go to yoga to ask the Lord to guard your heart and help you to focus on Him alone rather than the other aspects that the instructor may speak. It may help you further create a Christ-filled spiritual experience.

    But you may also find that if you went into church, prayer, worship with the same attitude that you take into yoga (e.g. an attitude of seeking peace and love, or something like that) you may also find it in your quiet places with God.

    Love you, C! Keep up the great posts!!

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