Fitness Review: p90x

If you haven’t seen the infomercial for P90x, you’ve probably been living in a time warp for the last few years.

This infomercial is EVERY-WHERE! From the ad on my Facebook page, to Women’s Health ads, to Google searches…it’s taken over the internet and America. This progra transformed thousands of people. THOUSANDS! That’s enough to go out and buy it now. They believe in this system almost as adamantly as the programs trainer and creator, Tony Horton.

Now some people aren’t a fan of Tony Horton because of his Tony-isms and constant, er, communication during the video. Personally, I love the guy. He keeps you engaged and makes you want to work out. Plus, looking at his arms in that video is plenty of encouragement to get viewers to lift more weight, and the guy is over 50! Such a great role model for men too.

The exercise program covers all bases: cardio, resistance training, and nutrition in a 7-day workout system. You won’t be doing the same thing every day or every other day. In fact, there are 3 workouts completed during the 90 days. You do the first system for 30 days, the 2nd for the next 30 days, etc. And every 4th week is called a “recovery week,” which allows your muscles to chill out from all the lifting you’ve been doing.

One of my favorite things about P90x is that it includes a Yoga dvd (called Yoga X) as part of the program. Such a great way to get men on the path to enlightenment. Stretch X could classify as Yoga too, but it’s much slower than the Power/Flow yoga that is Yoga X. Say it with me…ooohhhmmmmm.

The success stories for this program are incredible. Especially for the men. Those who follow the nutrition guidelines and do the program as stated are guaranteed results. It’s absolutely amazing. Tony has transformed obese, sedentary people into ripped, lean machines. I kid you not. One more step toward less obesity!

The many before-and-after shots you’ll see online and on TV are mostly men, but that doesn’t mean women can’t see awesome results too. I’ll be honest; it usually takes 1-2 rounds of P90x to start seeing some results for women. But by the time you finish the first round, you’ll probably be begging for more! I love that Tony tells you exactly what to do. No guessing for which bicep exercises to do or on which day, it’s all there fore you! Online you’ll find workout sheets that show you exactly what to do and in what order. These are great for when you don’t need the DVDs to workout anymore and can do it by yourself. The DVD’s are great for those who enjoy a group workout and don’t mind looking at ripped people lifting weights (who doesn’t?).

However, P90x is a bit of an investment. The DVDs themselves run up of $80 (on Amazon, ~$140 on Beachbody, the parent company), plus you need to buy dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull up bar. I bought the pull-up bar for the first 90 days, then I ended up not using it as much for the second 90 days. It’s an investment, yes, but investing in your health is probably the best way to spend your money. I’d rather spend money on exercise equipment than spend it on a pill to get rid of a medical condition induced by a sedentary lifestyle. But that’s just me! I am also using kettlebells to change-up the workouts a bit, but I digress.

Tony also has some great life lessons in the video. My favorite (which is actually one of my mantras) is “do your best and forget the rest,” meaning that just do your best everyday and that’s all you can do. No need to worry about the results or what will happen, because if you did your best, then that’s all that’s going to happen. Pretty cool!


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