I fight obesity by sitting

Yes, it’s true, I fight obesity everyday by sitting. Daily

Whether I am analyzing recipes, communicating with patient services, or advising friends on Facebook about their nutritional regimens, I am at a computer, a lot, just sitting, typing, bein’ all nutrition-al.

All this sitting makes me want to do one thing…sit more! It’s uncanny. This is why sedentary people don’t want to exercise, because they like staying still. So I combat this by fidgeting, moving my legs, walking around at least once an hour (whether that’s to the restroom or around my chair, either works!). When I talk on the phone, I usually “hit” the pavement too. Walking while talking on the phone is a great way to get moving, enjoy some sunshine, and catch up with friends at the same time. Get those endorphins going and you may have better conversations, deeper ones, because you feel good and want to talk more. Walks are where I have my hour long catch up conversations with friends. How fantastic is that?

So really, I fight sitting disease by moving, using my nutrition knowledge to educate others, and gettin’ my arse in gear.

What do you do to fight it?

Keep up the good work!


One thought on “I fight obesity by sitting

  1. This is very interesting to say “I fight obesity by sitting” does looks very odd but it works, i am going to tell my friend who suffering from obesity.. thanks for this interesting post..

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