Why natural disasters are good

Woah woah, hold up. Don’t beat me down with a bat just yet.

Pretend that the Haiti “situation” didn’t happen yet…. Ok, now read.

Natural disasters are great. I’m not exactly busy prayin’ for natural disasters to strike, but they are good because they highlight areas of the world that were already devastated from poverty, civil unrest, and famine (I’m not going to refer to Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans but you could totally go there…if you wanted). They don’t make the impoverished live better lives, no. That’s not what I meant. But natural disasters allow the outside world (those that aren’t living in the devastated area) to physically see it on the news or on the internet and gives them the opportunity to do something about it right then.

So why are natural disasters good? Because the most developed species on the planet (um, humans!) can chill out, take a few minutes out of their pre-scheduled, iCal-maxed-out lives to contemplate how other humans are suffering in the world and respond to this suffering by financial, spiritual, or a mental-ponderings-type donation.

I guess thinking about the problem is the first step to acknowledging it, though praying, donating, or physically doing something is better, in my opinion. And then doing usually follows thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, the events in Haiti are horrific. Absolutely heart wrenching. It instills pain in my heart.

But part of me wants to tell you that if you didn’t know Haiti was bad before the earthquake…well…I don’t know. Or if you chose to ignore the civil unrest (under-state-ment) in Africa, before it hit the news…well…then, I don’t know what to tell you. Or if you didn’t know there are huge disparities of wealth in most all major cities in the U.S. causing homelessness, gang wars, rapes, and illegal drug distribution…well, then, again, I don’t know what to tell you.

We can choose to ignore that parts of the world are in trouble. People are suffering, dying, not living lives as the human race was designed to live. Or we can choose to do something about it.

Which will you be?


One thought on “Why natural disasters are good

  1. i think natural disasters are good in the regards of the health of humans as a species. there are simply way too many of us on this planet and either through our choice, natural disasters, or something else, our numbers will drop. when a species populates and area that does not have the means or resources to support it, that species will have many deaths after the resources are used up.

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