All nerded out

As if it wasn’t evident already…what with the LOST fetish, a slightly more advanced knowledge base about Star Wars (original) than the generic 22 year old female, and a desire to know all that is computers and technology at CNET, I’d say that I pretty much nerd out the apartment complex for the median aged 32 year olds (and 2.3 kids).

But my newest nerdy thing is…and don’t say “I didn’t see this coming,” because you totally did…


That’s right. Get used to it.

I got some super cool podcasts like All Things Considered and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me  along with a few from non-NPR sites like and The Moth. I listened to the JAX NPR today which informed me that in February there will be a special on the early days of surgery…what surgeries were totally botched and how they got to the modern operating table.

Maybe it started with watching a special about Louisa May Alcott (author of Little Women). Or maybe with (begrudgingly) watching Antiques Roadshow with my mom. No es importa.

So now what’s an out-of-the-closet-nerd to do? Embrace it.  Wear spandex around the condo to keep warm and use earplugs at night to block out sound. Listen to NPR on my 6 minute commute to work.

Wait, did I just lose a bunch of friends?

I don’t wear glasses, have a calculator on my person at all times, or headgear at night (does a retainer count?). But my name is Christine, and I am a nerd. So there.


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