The Power and Art of the Compliment

I didn’t realize what role compliments play in my life. Not that I need constant praise to function, but there is a time & place, ya know? I never complained when I got a “cute SHOES!” or a “You got that at Anne Taylor, right?” from my sorority sisters. You never know how much a compliment can cheer up someone’s day (even if it is about something worldly like clothes or shoes).

And since I know how uplifting compliments can be, I try to pass them along to others. I mean, impacting people in a positive manner is something that I am all about (hello Dietitian and positive change!) and I like bringing that compliment/positivity aspect wherever I go. It’s hard NOT to give compliments, I just love giving!

But I don’t think people realize how powerful compliments truly are until those positive words are gone. Course, you can only realize this once you’ve been away from a familiar environment, without close friends and family members nearby. Some people choose not to step out in the light of change and growing older, changing environments, states, whatever you want to call it.

Obviously this topic came to mind because I am feeling some sort of lack of praise lately. The only non-family member source of compliments has been in my cycling class today with a “keep it up!” or a “you can do it!” Again, not that I need recognition, but it doesn’t hurt to have it. Otherwise, I am living in this sort of world where I just hop from project to project, with constant editing and some sort of future final project. I do love me some completion of projects though. Can’t wait. Sidebar.

Recognition is a motivator for some people (along with salary, benefits, flex-time, etc) and I never considered myself one of those people who lived on recognition. But I think, to some extent, positive feedback is necessary for human survival.

Another reason why I could never live alone on an island. Or in a bunker when 2012 kills the majority of humanity. Though the conversations between myself and I would get super cra-zy funny. But literally, crazy.

Something to think about!


One thought on “The Power and Art of the Compliment

  1. I live my life for the art of a thank you. It fuels my soul and my daily existence. I work with some of the best nurses in the world and I take the time to stop and thank them in both the verbal and written form. It is my life’s work..a passion for me. I spread my message in talks for other nurses and by the way I live my life. Karma is what karma gives…..

    I liked what you had to say and hope some recognition comes your way. Here’s one..Great job on your blog…..:)

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