Do you Believe in Dreams?

I am not a dreamer. “Dreamer” meaning “I-have-dreams-when-I-sleep-and-they-are-cool-slash-informative.” No.Mine are usually practical and about real life, they have no deep meaning and aren’t particularly lucid or weird. Shame shame.

But last night’s was weird and kinda lucid. I dreamt that I was writing a child’s fiction novel. It played out like a movie, so I saw myself writing the novel, then parts of the novel would play, then I would see myself writing again at my parent’s house in Houston.

Nothing spacey or trippy about that, but it’s as far as my subconscious actually goes. Go me. I am so left-brained it’s ridiculous.

So my question for you is…do you pay attention to your dreams? Do you write them down or try to look into some deeper meaning?


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