Life update: February

After my last post, I got a few concerned facebook posts, emails, etc. about my current status at this internship, so let me clarify what’s goin’ down right na’ here in Florida!

First off, I am doing just fine. With any new life-change-opportunity comes adjustment to the unfamiliar…adjustment to new living conditions, new people, new stores to shop in (Publix is not in Texas!) and, of course, the workload itself. I am getting used to the workload, but last week I felt particularly burdened by it. I would work for 8 hours a day, then come home and do research on this one project everyday for 2-3 hours/day, then present my summarized findings in the form of the project only for that night’s work to be scratched out and having to seemingly start all over. It was frustrating and I didn’t understand it! I tried to relate that to my “life purpose” in my last post because I wasn’t sure if this is what I wanted.

But I am back to normal this week. Normal being a very relative term…we all know how normal I am! Kidding. I do extra hours (especially this week) and I don’t get out of the apartment much, but I am doing just fine! Weekly phone calls from friends and family members keep me truckin’ along and I appreciate all of the support and advice I received.

What I realized is that this certification is a stepping-stone to other things in life/career. It’s so so so important to me to have a work-life balance and that’s how I lived my life for many years. In college if I didn’t get something done and it was late at night, I just went to bed and finished it later…sacrifice wasn’t worth it. That means losing sleep wasn’t worth it, not exercising wasn’t worth it, sacrificing a phone call to home for the sake of a project wasn’t worth it. But the caveat is that the work always got done and I got the stamp of approval. Here is different…if I don’t get it done, our director knows about it, my fellow interns know about, everyone knows.

That is to say that right now the balance isn’t there. That really explains a lot since I am a Libra and our symbol is the scale, not that I believe that much in astrology, but just sayin’!

Basically just pushin’ thru this internship like childbirth (yeah I just said that) and gonna get through it. I know I will have a great experience, things are just a little out of balance right now! Look for more posts later on in the week about my big project this week, my theme meal…it’ll be on Thursday, so prayers are appreciated!




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