Big project this week: theme meal

So what was I hinting about last post with this ‘theme meal’ idea? Why is it so stressful? And why am I doing it?

I am currently in the food service rotation of the internship, which corresponds to the food adminstration, patient services, retail services, part of it. Letme break it down into 2 words: employee cafeteria.

My theme is Valentine’s day. Although my meal is on Feb 11, which isn’t quite V-day, it’s close enough. So I picked out several dishes from the expansive menu and made my own recipe for a new item. It’s a hot brownie bar, so you add toppings (think of Marble Slab or Cold Stone) along with cold ice cream. We also have an angel food cake option, supposed to be the healthier version of the brownie bar.

We also plan out the costing of the meal and individual items, meet certain nutritional qualifications, decorate the cafeteria, pass out informational flyers about healthy Valentine’s (don’t you roll your eyes at me!), and surveys about the food itself. We also make sure that the food is pre-prepped, the shipments come in accurately, the cooks don’t run out of food, run production meetings and line-up meetings, etc.

As you can see, it’s quite a bit of work! I am a Type A, so I have to go above and beyond. Duh. So for my Vday informational flyers I made it look like a Valentine…cut out a large heart with the healthy info on it and a recipe on the back. Plus I made Vday name tags for the interns…with white lace and red foam mating and all! It was fun, but man going to work on a Saturday to print stuff out is not so much.

By the way, there are certain competencies that ADA has us achieve…every internship has their interns do these competencies, else they can’t be ADA certified. So while planning for the theme meal we are also learning about Human Resources, planning a heart project poster (to be presented during clinical rotations), etc. I took on another extra-curricular in this department…I will help plan a community garden. I am super excited for this project. What a great way to get the community involved at the hospital, plugged in, gettin’ down and dirty! What a great opportunity.

But that’s just scratching at the surface. I need to have a business plan/proposal due this Friday (day after theme meal) about how to get this garden off the ground running. We will try to get a satellite garden started at a children’s center before we do an on-site one. No pressure. Good thing I have all this garden planning experience (?).

And you wonder why I write about deep things like life purpose and work/life balance.

But the theme meal will go fine. I’ll be fine. I’m just a little grumpy lately  🙂


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