Sometimes when someone makes an unsolicited comment about something, all you gotta do to survive the situation is take a deep breath, say “oooooh people,” and laugh. I probably do this exercise about once every other day and it gets me through!

Some examples:

1) Handing out surveys in the employee cafeteria, asking people to fill them out.

Man: “I don’t want to fill that out.”

Me: “But it’s for customer relations, so we can improve the food for you, the customer.”

Man: “I still don’t want to fill it out. But what I will tell you is this…the food SUCKS on the weekend.”

What’s my internal response? Oooohhhhh people.

2) Starbucks…a female customer with an unsolicited opinion at Starbucks, several times each a lovely, considerate, and joyous event

Woman: “Could you guys go any slower making my drinks?”

Woman: “By the way, I’m the woman who comes through the drive through with the really picky orders. In case you didn’t know.”

Woman: “Oh, my drinks ready? Betcha you guys got it wrong. Pssh.”

Alright. Those are the only instances I have on record right now. But I assure you, oh people happens multiple times a day.

Love me some good people.


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