Daytona 500

View from our seats.

In case some of y’all didn’t know, I went to the Daytona 500 on Sunday. It was about a 90 minute drive from JAX…perfect amount of time for cruisin’ on the highway, rockin’ out to some tunes, and chattin’ away for some great conversation!

In case you were thinkin’ WHY is Christine at Nascar, here’s why: I got these tickets for free from my internship director on Friday. I am game for a new experiences nowadays, so I figured I had nothing to lose and I’d never been before, sounded like fun! Plus, I was bankin’ on someone wearing overalls and wearing skimpy clothing, at the least.

I was disappointed in the clothing department because everyone there dressed normally. No outlandish clothing or loud-mouth drunken exchanges. Bummer. At Daytona, America disappointed me. Another day, another day.

Cars zoom zooming below

But watching the race was really neat. When all the cars passed down you below, you could feel this WALL of sound and force pass through your body. It was awesome! Right up my alley. At one point the announcer told us that the average mph was 163. Holy cow, that’s fast!

This sport was unlike any other sport I’ve been too…can’t just leave in the 8th inning, and know whose going to win! Another different thing  is the car crashes/skids. When someone has a crash or a fender bender, the entire race stops, in theory…no one can pass the other cars and everyone must keep pace with the pace car, a car that leads in front of the pack. Once the track is cleared (could take several laps for this) then the race starts again and they start keeping track of the laps once again. One of the cars skidded in front of our bleacher area…but no fires or explosions. I would hate to see someone get hurt, but then again, it’s always cool to see things on fire…(pyro?).

We left after the 96th lap because my friend had a function to host, but that was good for me. 200 laps takes a while. My dad later told me that right after we left there was a pothole in the track and it took an hour and a half to fix it. Wow!

I had a really nice time and I would go again, no earplugs or headphones required  🙂


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