I got a hankerin’ for…dumpster diving

I want to go dumpster diving. Like, now.

Wait, but what is dumpster diving? Think of it as a part of the 3 R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce. Not in that order). My farm friends dumpster-dove all the time this summer, but I never participated for some reason. Maybe the 106 degree heat made me delirious because now, in FL, I have a burning desire to go sift through some stuff. They got all sorts of day old donuts, pizzas, and gently-used items that BU students threw away.

And I’m not yearnin’ to go surfin’ for  food. Mainly what I want is a bungee cord or some sort of contraption to carry my yoga mat on my back. Not that I’m trekking all over FL with my yoga mat and hitchin’ rides with strangers…that’s more of a plan B should this whole dietitian thing not work out  😉

Not sure how this strong urge developed. Maybe it’s a lack of interaction with the outdoors, people, “oohmmms.” Something.

But I also need some office supplies. Do people throw away new paper clips and staples? Maybe we could get them to fall from the sky? Oooo, scratch that. Sounds dangerous.

Is it so bad to want stuff? For free? Is that a crime? If you steal, then yes.


Back to work!


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