Humanities Inherent Selfishness

Um, what?

No, but really, what brings up such a serious topic? Well, first, a recent friend of mine (shall remain nameless) said that I was a selfish individual. Flat out.

Normally, my first thought is to defend myself, get upset, kind of fume a little until steam comes out of my ears, then words spill out of my mouth until the foot gets shoved the mouth too. As if there’s enough space for that.

This time, I still fumed, but I sat there quietly, and listened. And listened some more. And then sat there, still, while this individual questioned my character after knowing me for less than 9 weeks (I assume this is the perfect amount of time to know someone her entirety?). When someone assumes something about me, it’s hard to take it and not reply. But I did that, because it sure was better than what would’ve come out if I had responded right there.

So while this person was talking, I started to zone out a bit (totally human) and ponder. Was I upset that this person said I was selfish? Yes. But did I agree with the accusation? Yes! Think about it, Hersh: why am I here? Not for cleaning the world’s water supply or motivating politicians to pass a health bill. No. I am here for ME. To become a Registered Dietitian.

But then, think about this again. Why do we ever do (almost) anything? FOR OURSELVES. Why did I go to college? To get an education for ME. Why did I park close to the Starbucks entrance? To get to the warmth in the building, for ME.

There are few things that are selfless about life these days for me, especially when the reason I transplanted here was to achieve a certification. Yeah, I love talking to friends and hearing about their lives. That’s one of my number one joys. And yeah, God has his life in my hands, so that’s a gift that’s kind of a one-time deal. So not everything is about me.

Suffice to say, I don’t appreciate someone assuming something about me, but I’m not going to fight it either.

If someone told you the same thing, how would you react?


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