(Fitness) Weapons of Choice

Vibram FiveFingers, kettlebells, and dumbells make for a very effective workout!

I have owned my Vibram FiveFinger “shoes” (if that’s what you choose to call them) for a little over 6 months now, and they ROCK! I wear them to lift weights in my apartment and just around town. I get some weird looks from strangers, yes, but nothing that can’t be corrected with a quick conversation with said strangers! A recent scientific study came out (memory shot, can’t remember from where) that basically stated that running in high-performance tennis shoes (i.e. the ones that  cost an arm and a leg and your first born) are not helping runners. In fact, people can be more prone to injury because of these “super” shoes. I am a living testament to that. During the Winter of ’06, I was training for a half marathon. Bought some special shoes designed for high arches. A few weeks later, whatdoyaknow, I had runners knee and that was the end of that. Literally took me a year and a half to recover from it. Learned a lot about my body and how to cope with injury, but I would’ve rather not dished out $150 for special support shoes and take that much time out of training to recover from injury.

There are many different types of FiveFingers, each helps the wearer perform on a different level during various physical activities. For example, Vibram makes water proof ones for kayakers and different soles for rock climbers. Mine are the basic, plain-jane version (cheapest too!). And yes, they are super easy to wash in the laundry. Just throw it in the garment bag (ladies, all of you should already own one) by itself, cold water, and you are golden. I have also heard that you can use Efferdent (a denture/retainer cleaner) in a bucket of water and soak your 5fingers in there too. Air dry.

After further review of Vibram’s website, in fact they are making prettier, more female-friendly-colored “originals” now. And they make a version specifically for indoor weight training. Sweet.

Guess I missed that boat. Oh well, I still love mine!


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