Life update, kinda sorta maybe?

I haven’t written in a while…which should really be the statement at the beginning of all my friend’s blogs too  🙂

Nevertheless. An update.

I’ve been working a lot. Put in time at the hospital, yes, but also at home. And that’s expected, I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. It’s part of the deal. Whatever doesn’t kill you…yeah, try to finish that! Though I am having lots of intellectual gains, my psyche is suffering.

I’ve been praying a lot, talking to friends and family (sorry for being Debbie Downer) but there’s a hole that’s being dug right now. Or two. An absentee ballot drifts around my head, if you will.

So here is something I found online a month ago (can’t remember where I found it). Hopefully it helps you as it is helping me.

“Follow your instincts and choose actions that make you happy – both now and in the long-run. For example, if you’re feeling low and you choose sugary sweet comfort foods to lift your spirits, you may feel good now, but you won’t be feeling so good a little while from now. Following your bliss means looking inside and choosing an action or activity that allows you to feel more alive. Alive with no regrets or undesirable consequences. Choose to spend your time and energy on activities that create a fuller, richer life for yourself.

Excitement is something we choose. It’s something we set forth as a possibility, and then look for ways to making it happen. This is your life. Is today the day you purposefully get excited about exploring, discovering, and creating?”

Hopefully on the next update I’ll be more upbeat. Thanks for those who are praying, reading, and listening.

Until then, I will listen to an excess amount of 90s music. Sister Hazel, Goo Goo Dolls, and early John Mayer on the iTunes playa for now.


One thought on “Life update, kinda sorta maybe?

  1. Tino! I’m so happy your still doing your blog. It gives me a chance to read something not related to work (sure you understand this). Keep up the hard work, your doing great. You’ll be done with your internship before you know it and you’ll be proud of accomplishing something that will help you for your future career. Have a great weekend!

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