The Harvest Bounty

Sometimes, I forget that food comes from farms and not from the grocery store. I take advantage of the fact that I can go down the street to purchase corn on the cobb in the winter or get blueberries in autumn. I cut open a red grapefruit, fresh from Florida, and I felt a little guilty for taking advantage of our Westernized luxuries…aka the convenience factor.

This summer, I spent a month living on a farm called World Hunger Relief, Inc in Waco, Tx. I felt immersed by “community,” in the truest sense, as the people there loved me without judgment and without reason. Just some beautiful, beautiful souls that lived and worked there for much longer than I.

I also realized the importance of the harvest. When the corn was ready to be harvested and shucked, we said a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Melody, the CSA intern from Papa New Guinea, said a soulful prayer thanking the Lord our God for delivering the bounty. It was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard and it sticks with me to this day. I can’t remember the exact words, but the passion in her words linger in my mind, even though that was 10 months ago! It was also the first time I had ever heard someone thank God for delivering our food to us.

I will try better to not forget that He provides all, even if that delivery is right down the street at the grocery store  🙂


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