Trying to relax

So the countdown begins…102 more days. You will tell me “oh wow it’s gone by so quickly.” Yeah, maybe for you it has…but anyways.

Needless to say, I am a bit overworked. That’s a good way to put it. My boss told me I need to relax, basically. And if your boss tells you that you looked stressed and are on the verge of an emotional breakdown, then maybe it’s time to listen.

So I did what an “normal” person would do and I took an afternoon to do non-worked related things. No work (not to say I

Welcome to Narnia!

didn’t work this morning!) for the moment and I did other stuff. I started off by visiting the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit downtown at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH). I was shocked at:

a) free parking

b) I could walk around downtown and feel completely safe

c) I could cross the stress without getting run over or have a homeless person ask for money

You might say I’ve experienced d) all of the above in Houston.

Anyways, no photos allowed inside the exhibit, thus I took a picture outside of the exhibit. Let’s prevent lawsuits, shall we? It was really neat inside. Saw lots of original costumes, even the ice queen and her dress! Did you know that her crown shrinks as her power fades? I had no idea! And did you know that they built a real-live castle set for Prince Caspian!?! WHO KNEW!? Disney, please start disclosing these super-cool facts STAT. And there was a section devoted to C.S. Lewis and WWII, regarding how he started the books and took in kids just like the professor in the books. There was also a section about the makeup and the centaurs, really neat. Wish I could’ve taken more pictures. Mom loves the centaurs 🙂   Ow ow.

I then strolled through the “Jacksonville Through the Ages” section. Now, Florida ain’t exactly a spring chicken, it’s history spans several hundreds/thousands of years. Thousands if we account for the Native Americans/Indians (let’s cover all the PC bases). Did you know that Florida used to be cold? Seriously, Florida marketers need to get on this. And that it was named after Pascua Florida, a flower? Again, more marketing needed.

Anyways, the exhibit stretched from thousands of years ago to recent. I wish I could’ve spent more time there, but I really had to go to the RR (story of my life) and so I fast forwarded through the last 300 years, pretty much after the Spanish defeated the French and the British tried to invade and take over and yadda yada. But the Indians are always the best part anyways. Guess they didn’t have buffalo runs like we do in Texas. No mountains/valleys/cliffs over in Florida.

Then I went to the St. John’s Town Center, which is basically an outdoor shopping mall. It’s where I

Thou has disappointed me with your inability to be prepared with more waffle cones

bought my Macbook. I went into Marble Slab, full expectant on getting a no-sugar added chocolate frozen yogurt in a waffle cone, but no luck as they were out of waffle cones and I refuse to pay $5 for a dinky little 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt with no cone. So I walked next door and got a Starbucks Frap, decaf, instead, still paying about $4.50. Right. Somehow it felt “Free” because I had a giftcard, which somehow justified spending the same cost I would’ve spent over at MS. Kinda tasted weird because they just changed their formula so that you can make it “However you want.” I had to get a decaf because caffeine beyond 3pm means I can’t sleep. And going to bed at 9pm these days, I need to distance myself from caffeine around that. I am a frapp pro, trust me, I bought one every day last summer for almost the entire summer. Let’s not talk about how much money that resulted in. Ssshhh.

And then I saw these cute little ducks. And I liked ’em, so I shot a pic with my iPhone. And then I saw the loner duck. And I kind of chuckled at him (or her!).

102 more days. That’s like, a trimester. I can totally make it. Right?

After re-reading this post, I realize that I refer to myself in the third person a lot. I was a little crazy before I came here (we can all agree on that!). But I’ve officially lost it. All of us (that is, me, myself, and I) are on the verge over here.

Alllll byyyyyy myyyyssseelllllffffffff


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