Hurricane Straps and Power Tools (*grunt*)

Sometimes, I just feel like such a do-er.

Yesterday, someone was talking about construction, so I go off on this tangent about Workcamp (try not to think of it as “youth labor,” think more high school church mission trips), power tools (can I get a Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt please) and hurricane straps.

Wait, hurricane straps? Wuz dat?

I learned about these bad boys when I was in New Orleans doing Hurricane Katrina relief and constructing houses in 2008. That’s right, Two-Thousand and Eight. Don’t count how long that is Katrina actually happened (“cough cough 2005″) because it’s just depressing. And it’s still a problem. Sidebar.

When I say “constructing houses,” I literally mean building a house from the ground up. I also literally mean I got to use a nail gun and electric saw for 3 days and it was AWESOME. And stand on ladders for multiple hours on end while hanging out of the side of the house skeleton.

Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, it attaches to the roof and the top frame of the house so it keeps the roof from

This is my arm outside of the house. Uncomfortable, yes. Adrenaline, yes.

flying off. These are mandatory near coastal areas, which is why I’d never encountered them on prior Workcamps.

I'm on the upper right. Ladders are your friend when installing hurricane straps.

So there was really no point to this. Except that I like to use about power tools. REALLY like to use power tools.


The End


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