Bingo and Happiness

I am rotating in long term care this week (“nursing home”). It’s a nice facility and the staff really cares about the residents. The staff normally has scheduled events for the residents, like crafts, karaoke, and the beloved bingo. Now bingo…it’s a BIG deal. You don’t just cancel bingo and not have a good reason for it! Sadly, they had to cancel all activities yesterday. The sign on the walls said “today is a free day, do what you please.”

When I first saw the sign, I thought it was like a quote of the day type thing. As if to say, enjoy your day, your time is what you make of it, make yourself happy, etc. Then I learned about the bingo cancellation…but I’m still going to go with my first thoughts there. I’m sort of a metaphor-whore…that is, I love metaphors, comparing real-life situations to whatever other real-life situation. It’s helpful for clients too, to explain things and make comparisons (like calories and bank debit/credits).

I’ve learned many things in this internship that go beyond a clinical education in nutrition and dietetics. One of my struggles has been to find happiness outside of work, to maintain some sort of joy. In college, that was provided for me via college activities, sorority events, volunteerism, and an abundance of friends. However, when you are on your own and starting off in a completely new environment, things change. Your life is what you make of it. You are in charge of your own happiness, no one else is. If you’re sad, mad, angry, or happy, then how you choose to deal with it is your own responsibility, no one else’s. And ya can’t call anyone for a late night Bear Trail!

So, at least for today, do what pleases YOU. It’ll bring joy to your heart   🙂


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