Sports Nutrition

This morning I did a brief nutrition talk to the Jeff Galloway training group here in Jacksonville. I had beginning runners in the Getting Started program and I received a group who had just finished their run, so it was a mixed batch. I had a big poster that sat on the hood of a car and talked about eating before/during the run and a bit about weight loss. Many runners came


up afterwards and asked specific questions about carb/protein ratios, protein supplements, lycopene, weight loss, and recovery formulas, among other things. I was certainly kept on my toes and was glad that I had a bit of experience counseling clients as these folks certainly gave me some good questions!

The point of this post, what I’m trying to say, is that I really enjoyed myself. It was energizing to be around these 75-100 people and discuss nutrition with them. I felt like I was passing on knowledge and that they were listening, like a nutrition sensei (ha!). Wait, let me explain something. I enjoy counseling patients in the hospital, yes. However, sometimes when we counsel patients in that setting, it’s quite obvious that they are not interested. That’s fine, and there are other factors that influence the patient’s interest level, I understand. I still want to give them the information, talk about it, and leave room for questions before they call security on me (and as I leave kicking, screaming shouting, whole grains for a wholesome you!). You never know if your consult could spur them to think about lifestyle changes and reflect on what their intake is. Maybe we are the catalysts for change, even if we don’t see the change directly. But with this population today, these runners, it was nice that they had that built-in desire to learn more about nutrition.

All in all, I enjoyed myself and had a great time with it. The “presentation” was at 7 and I even had time to work out before hand at 5. Whew!


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