These are a few of my fav-orite things

I figured it was time for another rally of my favorite stuff. Materialism at it’s finest.

1. Massages: Not that I’m in an intense/highly stressful/high expectations-related work/school situation, *winks*, but massages certainly helps to relieve some tension. I’ve only gotten a few since I’ve been transplanted here because they are rather expensive. Personally, I like a male masseuse cuz they are stronger, flat out (that’s a huge step, denying my inner feminist). Usually it’s some old guy, and that’s fine. Last time, I got a really cute young guy…and it was kind of awkward. Not sure if I can continue this expensive luxury when I get back to the motherland, but it was enjoyable while it lasted!

Mexico Trip 2010

2. Adventures with Dad: On my last trip, we went to Mexico with the company that award me a scholarship. We loved all the construction work, fellowship with the company, opportunity to travel and time together. For our next excursion, we will go to the Grand Canyon with one of REI’s adventure groups (click the link for our specific trip). We are going backpacking for 4 days with a group of 9 folks, including 2 guides, around the North Rim. The public can access the South Rim, but since we’re special, we get to hike the North Rim (it’s all rocks, right? Kidding). I’m expecting some beautiful sites and look forward to getting back to nature. These trips (previously been to Big Bend National Park) are FANTASTIC! (with emphatics) because we enjoy spending time together, seriously. Oh, AND nature is awesome. When you are out there in the middle of nowhere and see the stars, I mean SEE the stars (no light pollution from the city or clouds), it reminds you of the life that’s around us…that we are so infinitely small in this huge huge universe. That there are so many important things in life that we don’t recognize, that we forget about because we are so consumed in the hustle ‘n bustle of daily life. Ok, stepping off soapbox.

3. Friends and Family: *cue “aawww” track*. I have to say that I honestly could not have made it thru this experience without the support of so many friends and family members. I was encouraged, inspired, and brought to tears by the words of these incredible humans and I cannot thank them enough for that. It helps it believe in yourself, true, but when others believe in you more than you do…it’s an act of love. And I have no idea how to line up these pics, obviously  😉


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