Organizing/Donating Stuff

After today’s sermon on decluttering our lives to make room for God and a recent viewing of A&E’s show “Hoarders,” I was inspired to clean out my old toys, juvenile trinkets, and random keychains that I collected throughout the years.

Here is the list of relatively important/exciting things that are now at a local Goodwill store:

1. Rapping Microphone

Imagine a small speaker and "beatbox" button on the side, and this was my tool

I mean, right, who didn’t have one of these? Little Christine, walking around the house doing beatbox. I could’ve been the next Eminem. There was so much potential there. I probably have this on VCR somewhere.

Speaking of VCR…

2. Authentic 1982 Video Camera

We never bought a digital one, probably because my parents grew out of the “let’s video tape EVERY-THING” phase after about the 8th year of my life. When we visited Disney World at age 10, the technology museum had one of these. Museum. It was then that I realized how incredibly outdated our camera was.

Still, no shame. Represent.

3. Unpainted Ceramics

Can I tell you how many painting parties I went to as a kid? I also took 3-D art for 3 semesters in high school. I would overextend myself and have to put in extra time in after school to get the project done, hence why monkey, giraffe, and rhino heads plus and unpainted ark dwelled in my closet for 5 years. Guess the theme there.

4. 8th grade-freshman year diary

Wasn’t middle school just plain weird for everybody? We were all knockin’ on puberty’s door, learning where we fit in (a lifelong process, really), and discovering the “popular” cliques. I transitioned from one friend group to the next, went from one fashion statement to another, yet somehow came out relatively unscathed with only minor scars for a therapist to heal. Ok, fine, half kidding about the therapy part. Minus the band-nerd label.

Man, childhood certainly wasn’t boring.


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