Who I am:

I’m a south-paw who hasn’t died or lost a limb from overexposure to power tools, scissors, or the right side of the road. I am still trying to find my place in the world and how I fit in it. This is the catalog of my adventure, my wanderings, my life.


Blog purpose:

To express my thoughts, ideas, feelings on living a healthy lifestyle with the hope that people can learn from my mistakes/successes and get a little laugh or an “oh geez” along the way. I’ll also write about whatever else comes to mind, things that interest me, such as music, religion, books, friendships, family, technology, movies, blah blah etc (all while protecting the names of the innocent).

Articulated from the perspective of a 20-something who has a hint of sarcasm and a kick of Texas pride. Currently a studying for my Registered Dietitian “boards” since graduating my dietetic internship in September 2010. I enjoy exercising with yoga, p90x, strength training, cardio, hiking, and mountain biking. I also enjoy long walks and warm weather (sunscreen is a must for pale kids like myself!). I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I read O magazine, Women’s Health, and books such as Omnivore’s Dilemma, Mere Christianity, Into the Wild, and Women, Food, and God. I love chilled coffee and I have a heart for farms and women’s rights. I love chattin’ with people, so hit me up with a comment or catch me on Twitter, my handle is livRD.

Nutrition Focus:

I believe in evidence-based slash research backed advice. What works for thousands of people in controlled studies is a good indicator of what will work for most people. However, it may not be true for all. I have a personal interest in LEAP therapy (MRT testing for food intolerances/allergies), sports nutrition, backpacking/hiking nutrition, weight management, and business.

At this point, the blog’s main focus is not nutrition, but that will be the goal in the future.


I’m not a doctor, fitness instructor, or a dietitian (YET!), so if you get hurt/injured/whatever…because of advice you read on this blog, it’s not on me. Don’t get hurt. That’s silly.

Recent hike in the Grand Canyon's North Rim. Very strenuous, but definitely worth it!


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